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Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-6pm EST


We are a USA Cheer Preferred Music Provider!


Mix orders are ONLY accepted by filling out the order form that’s available under the “Order Form” tab.  IYPBProductions will follow this form to complete your mix to ensure accuracy and efficiency!  After your order is placed please allow 8 days for your mix to be completed!  If you placed your order on a Sunday please allow 9 days for your mix to be completed!  Orders placed after 5pm EST will be processed and started the following day!  All changes take 3 days to be completed.  

Standard Rush Orders are completed on a 2-4 day time frame depending on current work load.  A standard rush cannot be completed faster than 2 days from the time of order.  If you order after 5pm EST then the order is processed the next day.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that they are ordering their music in a time frame that fits their needs.  IYPB will strictly follow the time frames laid out in these polices, no exceptions!  

Next Day Rush Orders are completed on a 24 hour time frame.  Orders placed after 8pm EST will not be processed until the next day!  

All music will be purchased by IYPBProductions on behalf of the client and will be licensed appropriately! The cost of the music is included in the price of the mix! Licenses, for the mix, are on a one year term from the date provided on the license! After that date the mix may no longer be used!  You can relicense the music in your mix for $18 per song that is used.

All clients have 30 days, from the receipt of the invoice, to completely pay for mixes. After 30 days there will be a $15 late fee, each additional 30 days late a $25 late fee will be assessed.  PO’s are accepted and will need to be sent via email!  If you have an open balance, larger than $500, you cannot order any more mixes until the balance is paid off.

Licenses for the music, in the mix, will not be sent until the mix is paid for in full! NO EXCEPTIONS!

You will hear watermarks, in your mix, that say “In Your Parents Basement Productions”.  Those will be removed once the mix is paid for in full!  NO EXCEPTIONS!

By filling out and submitting the order form you agree to accept all payment responsibilities for that mix! Failure to pay for the mix in the desired time frame will result in late fees! If you need to cancel an order there will be an $85 cancellation fee! All payments should be made out to In Your Parents Basement Productions!

It is the responsibility of the client to understand and be aware of all the music rules for the competition they will be attending!

Teams ordering a second mix will receive $25 off the total price of their second mix!  This applies to individual teams only and not to teams within the same program!  For example, if John Doe High School Varsity orders a mix then John Doe High School JV is not eligible for the $25 second mix discount!  If you need more than 3 mixes in a year then you are eligible for our bundle pricing that can be found under the Music tab!

All funds collected are for music mixing services and the purchase of legally licensed music! All mixes must have properly licensed music and exceptions WILL NOT be made! Mixes used for competition must attend a competition that has the proper ASCAP/BMI/SESAC performace licensing. Under Federal Law mixes are not allowed to be sold or recycled for another team or season under any circumstance!

IYPBProductions GUARANTEES that you will have your mix within the given time frame! If for some reason you do not receive your mix within the given time frame we will automatically discount your mix $25 and an additional $10 for every 3 days after!

By purchasing a mix you understand and agree to all of these policies !